8 Tips To Visit Poland For First-Time Travelers

Be it for work or pleasure, It is important to know the best tips for travelling to Poland for the first time. Because every country is different with its traditions, history and customs, in this article, you’ll discover the must-knows and don’ts and the most effective tips to travel to Poland for the first time.

Visas And Entry Requirements For Poland

Poland is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement. Visitors from Australia, Canada and the United States can easily enter Poland and stay there for up to 90 days. If you are a citizen of a European country, then you will not need a visa to enter the schengen zone.

Always make sure that you have a valid passport in excellent condition. Make sure to travel with sufficient funds to easily meet all your expenses. It is also mandatory to have valid travel medical insurance with at least 30,000 EUR. This travel insurance is just to meet all your medical expenses in case of any medical emergencies. Have an advanced flight reservation for visa application.

If you are travelling within the EU countries, then you can carry alcohol and tobacco along with you for personal use. But these are not allowed outside European countries as customs officers are sticklers for the rules.

There Is Much More To Poland Than Warsaw And Krakow

Warsaw and Krakow are two amazing cities that are located in Poland. While they’re amazing, If you’re looking to experience Poland, we strongly recommend a visit to some of the smaller cities or villages. In these towns, life differs from the big cities. Some people may not speak English, and these differences could help make your travels more authentic.

Don’t Refer To Poland As Eastern Europe

This is something that the people in Poland are extremely particular about. Poland is situated in the middle of Europe geographically, and Poles like to be considered part of Western Europe rather than Eastern Europe. Additionally, I don’t think Polish is similar to the Russian language.

Payment Is Not Acceptable In Euros In Poland

In Poland, payments in euros are not acceptable.  The PLN, or Polish Zloty, is the currency of Poland. Instead of exchanging cash, you can use your credit card anywhere in Poland.

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Poland Drinking Alcohol Is Not Allowed Publicly In Poland

Consuming alcoholic beverages in public is against the laws in Poland. If the police caught you having alcohol publicly, then you will be fined heavily. The same goes for driving after having alcohol. It is illegal to drive after having alcohol. If this occurs, the repercussions will extend beyond a simple financial penalty.

Poland Has Incredible Nature

Many people’s first thoughts on Poland are its troubled past and ancient cities. Poland is not often known to be a fantastic travel destination for those who enjoy being outside. Massive mountains, tens of thousands of lakes, dunes, rivers, the Baltic Sea, exotic fauna, and enchanted woods may all be found in Poland. How about we start with?

Don’t Refer To Poland As Eastern Europe

The Polish are notoriously picky when it comes to this. Poland is physically positioned in the middle of Europe, although most Poles would rather be included in Western Europe. You shouldn’t compare the Polish and Russian languages either, whatever your impressions.

Taking Polish Art Out Of Poland Is Not Allowed

Only a few people know the Polish arts and artists outside of Poland. Poland has a rich artistic legacy that the government fiercely protects. If you want to take Polish artwork outside of Poland, you will need special permission to take artwork made before 1955. Before purchasing anything, it is recommended that you consult the Provincial Conservator of Relics. Even if you’re just bringing in artwork for an exhibition, you still need to declare it. 

There Are No Actual Milk Sales At Milk Bars

The Polish term for “milk bar” (bar mleczny) refers to inexpensive cafeteria-style eateries found all over the country. Once funded by the government for workers, milk bars now offer full meals in the style of a home cook for as little as $2.50 to CAD 3.50. Even though our visits to milk bars involved a lot of guesswork and miming, we highly recommend them to anyone visiting Poland.

Always collect and organise all your documents, including dummy tickets for Schengen visa 2 weeks before your planned date to travel to Poland.

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