A guide to romantic things for newlywed couples in Shimla and Manali

Many beautiful destination are there in India where newlywed couples can plan honeymoon. If you want to plan then you would not miss the beauty of Shimla Manali. In short, both are known for their scenic beauty, romantic atmosphere and fun activities. Moreover, these hill stations have so much to offer that you will enjoy. Enjoy these pretty places with honeymoon packages from Bangalore to Shimla and Manali with your partner. If you want to enjoy a best honeymoon then these places are amazing. Honeymoon trip for newlywed couples in Shimla and Manali is possible with a perfect guide.

Walk hand in hand on the Mall Road

Leisurely stroll on the Mall Road is a best way to explore Shimla. In short, it is a perfect place for couples as its lined with restaurants, cafes. Above all, you can shop for some souvenirs to take back home. Enjoy some warm coffee or tea while soaking in the serene atmosphere.

Mall road is a must visit place while traveling to Shimla. This place of Shimla is a famous market area where you can take gift items. So, visit this place for sure while visiting Shimla.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Kufri

Kufri is a beautiful place located on the outskirts of Shimla. In short, It is a perfect place for couples who love nature. It is surrounded by lush green forests and snow capped mountains. Above all, there are various fun activities to do such as skiing, tobogganing etc.

On the other hand, you can also visit the Himalayan Wildlife Zoo. This is a must visit place if you are an animal lover. This place is amazing to visit during the honeymoon trip. Enjoy the beautiful sights of this place with a trip.

Get the feel of the toy train

The toy train ride is a must do when you are in Shimla. Certainly, the ride takes you through beautiful valleys, bridges, and tunnels. Moreover, it is a perfect way to spend some romantic time with your partner. In short, enjoy with your partner as the train passes through the scenic beauty. Toy train is unique thing in Shimla what anyone can enjoy during the trip.

This is the reason, many visitors visit this place to enjoy this train ride. The toy train ride is also best for newlywed couples in Shimla and Manali.

Explore the Christ Church

The Christ Church is one of the oldest churches in India. In short, it is a must visit place when you are in Shimla. Moreover, its beautiful architecture and serene ambiance makes it an ideal place. This is a great place for couples to enjoy some sweet moments. Feel the peaceful environment during the journey.

Above all, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and take a walk around the churchs.

Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner

Shimla has various restaurants that offer a romantic ambiance along with delicious local cuisine. So, surprise your partner with a candlelight dinner at one of these restaurants. You can make a memorable evening. In short, Shimla cuisine is one the best one in whole Himachal.

On the other hand, veg and non veg, both type of food you can enjoy. The beauty of Shimla at night with a delish dinner become more amazing.

Take a walk on the Manali Mall Road

The Manali Mall Road is similar to the one in Shimla. But it is more lively and vibrant. In short, it is a perfect place for couples. It is lined up with shops, cafes, and local food vendors. Moreover, you can enjoy some delicious street food or indulge in some shopping. After Shimla, The Mall road of this place is amazing to explore.

During the journey, you can enjoy a lot of pretty things. You can enjoy shopping and street foods also during the journey.

Visit the Rohtang Pass

Certainly, Rohtang pass is one of the most beautiful place to visit in Manali. Moreover, It is a scenic beauty with a snow capped mountains and valleys. Above all, You can enjoy various fun sports as skiing, skating, snow motor bike riding. It is a perfect place for thrill seeking couples. Newlyweds must be visit this attractions by personal car.

Experience the Solang Valley

Solang valley is another must visit place when you are in Manali. Moreover, it is known for adventure activities such as paragliding, zorbing, and skiing. In short, you can spend a whole day exploring the valley. Visit this place and admire the beauty of nature. This place is a heaven for adventure seekers.

If you want to enjoy a blissful time then this place is a nicest one. Enjoy your trip with some fun activities. That is sure, you will enjoy a lot during the journey to Manali.

Explore the Hadimba temple

In short, the Hadimba temple is one of the oldest temples in Manali. On the other hand, it is known for its beautiful architecture. Moreover, the temple is surrounded by lush green trees, making it perfect for couples. So, enjoy your tour with natural places during the sightseeing of Hadimba Devi temple. Enjoy each moment as the way which you want.

Indulge in a hot spring bath

Manali is known for its natural hot springs. During the journey, you can relax and rejuvenate by indulging in a hot spring bath. In short, It is a perfect way to unwind and spend some quality time. So, enjoy a great time at this place with your partner as you want.


Shimla and Manali have so much to offer that you will fall in love with. From scenic beauty to romantic ambiance, both the hill stations offer an unforgettable experience. A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience. In short, these hill stations are a perfect way to make a memorable honeymoon. So, just plan and enjoy your honeymoon in the desirable way as you want.

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