Is There Any Possibility That AI Can Take Place of Academic Writers?

Humans have been associated with their writing skills for a long time, as it is believed that only humans can analyse the subject, do analysis, write, and compose content for different niches. But technology is taking giant leaps and it’s quite obvious in nearly all the industries we’ve got today. Besides, the content writing industry is experiencing the introduction of smart robots capable of writing material, fresh essays, articles, poetry, novels, news reports, etc. which are very similar to what a professional content writer would write.

In some industries, robots, artificial intelligence, and automation have slowly started to take over. They have begun taking over our work and that includes academic writing work. It is no longer just the manufacturing sectors that AI took over, and it seems as if AI would start by taking over the jobs of news reporters concerned with fact-based stories. Indeed, it has been reported that robot writers are already writing data-based articles such as awards results, sports outcomes, earnings, and stock prices.

Can AI Replace Academic Writers?

Many people doubt the efficiency of programmed software and robots’ writing skills and contradict the statement that although technology can advance, it can never produce robot writers as efficient as humans. The argument seems true because humans have the analytical and analysis capacity that makes them build compelling content for any niche. But the question is, will there be a time or it is that we can assume that technology like Artificial Intelligence has become so advanced that human content writing output will be exceeded by future robots in the coming years. Yes, some research has proved this by referring to a robot that could compose poems.

Academic writers replacement AI may be on the horizon, but customer trust can take longer. So many aspects need to be considered but the main concern will be the quality of the writing. The whole point of having an essay writing service is that you have access to writing which can write an essay that is better or better than you could. An essay written by an AI service cannot be sufficiently strong to replace. There is also a point that there will have to be a human eye to confirm the finished piece so you can test the essay by the sensor before it is filed. So let’s look at some of Artificial Intelligence’s existing participation to writing and content that demonstrates that the fate of academic writing will witness the participation of Artificially Intelligent content writing robots that may or may not be as skilled as human writers:


There are several tools available today that assist academic writers in proofreading. The program can detect and fix spelling errors, and grammatical errors. Some software goes a step ahead with the proofreading function. The software recognises the meaning of writing and identifies words that are ambiguous or over-used. Some software such as Grammarly notifies the human writer about punctuation, grammar, style, the structure of sentences, and spelling. So we can say that Artificial Intelligence has come very close to human capabilities in terms of reading articles or essays, at least.

Plagiarism Check:

 Sometimes the academic writers take advantage of references or keynotes written or published by someone else and in doing so they use actual words either knowingly or by mistake. This isn’t acknowledged in professional articles and reports. Artificial Intelligence has also shown its existence in this regard, as there are tools and software that help the human writer recognise and modify the plagiarised material until it breaches plagiarism norms.

Evaluation Of Written Content:

There are tools and software that help academic writers inspect the content quality in homework assignments. The tools and software do this by evaluating the readability of the written content, checking if paragraphs are uselessly too long or not, analysing if the writer has written wordy sentences, making good use of the writer’s transition words, etc. It will take a lot of time for a human to do such evaluation and analysis, but Artificial Intelligence will do this in the shortest order.


We can conclude from the above points that Artificial Intelligence helps academic writers improve their content, but it is not certain that it will replace human beings in the future because human intervention cannot be overlooked. Ultimately, it is the people who are going to write algorithms for these tools, so it is too early to say that Artificial Intelligence will overtake people in writing content.


George Morris is a professional Business Analyst from Derbyshire. He has completed his Business Administration from the University of Manchester. Morris is currently living in the UK and working as a Business Dissertation Writer at one of the top dissertation writing services. He loves to write on different business and economic trends in the world.

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