Choosing the Right Lube For Your Cube – A Comprehensive Comparison

Lube can significantly enhance your cube’s performance by reducing friction between its pieces, but choosing the appropriate speed lube may be daunting with so many available choices.

Cubelelo provides a range of lubricants from weight 1-5. Their Calm Lube product is specially tailored to provide reliable inner pieces movement within speed cubes.

Maru Lube

Maru Lube is a silicone-water lubricant specifically made for cubes. A popular choice among speedcubers, this long-lasting formula can be applied directly onto screws in the core for easier rotation. Apply it either around its corners or directly on them – either way it makes turning much simpler!

If you’re looking for an efficient fast lube to accelerate your speed solving times, this water-based product could be for you. Ideal for all surfaces of the cube, this lubricant will allow you to solve it faster and smoother; helping you to achieve better results in competitions.

Heavy lubricants have a thick consistency that allows it to be used on either the interior of your cube, as well as its external pieces, safely. Non-toxic and safe for use, different weight options exist so as to meet individual needs – heavier weight lubricants tend to provide greater lubrication for cubes.

This perfluoropolyether-based speed cube lubricant is non-toxic and resistant to common chemicals like acetone and Vaseline (Vaseline). You can use it on all plastic components of your cube, including springs and screws; however metal parts should not be exposed as this may damage them. In addition, its long life and low evaporation rate make this an excellent long-term lubricant option!


When it comes to buying a cube, everyone has different priorities in mind. But some parameters are essential for an ideal cube: high turning speeds, corner cutting capability and the ability to prevent locking-up or popping-off are among those essential qualities that determine its quality of performance.

Apart from these considerations, size also matters when selecting a cube; some individuals prefer smaller cubes while others may favor larger ones. Also, whether or not a cube features stickers is personal preference. There may also be other factors which influence one’s choice, including brand and price considerations.

Cubelelo offers one-stop solution for all of your speed cubing needs, offering puzzles, accessories, merchandise and special discounts and bundles to get you started on cubing faster. They even have a dedicated team available 24/7 should any problems arise during use of your new cube!

Ideally, when shopping for an economical 3×3, consider starting with either the GAN 356 XS or Thunderclap V1. Both offer plenty of features that should satisfy even novice players, while Cubelelo provides fast and free shipping on orders of $50+.

The Cubicle Lube

Cubicle is a leading US-based specialty cube store offering high quality puzzles and an exceptional online shopping experience for cubers of all levels. They have been serving cubers for over 10 years, helping thousands discover the joy of solving puzzles. Their selection of brands and products helps improve speed cubing experiences for speed cubers of all skill levels.

Lubricants are used to reduce friction between the pieces of your speed cube, enabling faster and smoother solving. There are various kinds of lubricants available ranging in viscosities and cube-specific use; silicone-based lubes tend to last longer.

The Cubicle has an extensive selection of cube lubes available for purchase, including their own brand. Their Cubicle Silicone Lube is an innovative high-performance lubricant available in five weights that range from light to heavy; each weight serves a distinct function in terms of servicing inner parts while lighter lubes may be better suited for exterior pieces.

Other popular lubes include CRC silicone spray and Vaseline, both inexpensive, fast drying lubes that effectively reduce friction in cubes. While they’re inexpensive and quick drying, too long exposure may damage plastic cube pieces while they can even damage metal parts such as screws and springs in your cube.

Angstrom Celeritas

Celeritas is the first two-component lubricant ever, providing enjoyable and smooth rotation. Similar to other two component products, Celeritas undergoes a chemical reaction when combined with Reagent B – Reagent A is composed of special silicone suspension containing carbon monomers which prevent them from crosslinking prematurely until mixed with Reagent B.

Reagent B activates a chemical reaction within Reagent A to cross-link all monomers for an authentic sliding feel when melanging your cube, and also prolonging its longevity throughout normal usage of your cube.

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