Custom Embroidery Digitizing – A Brief Guide

Don’t have enough knowledge about the custom embroidery digitizing process? There is nothing to worry about as today we are going to talk about the process in detail. Also will discuss with the essential steps, benefits, and how to choose the best company for the service. Let’s start the discussion:

What is Custom Embroidery Digitizing?

It is a process in which you have to undergo a special procedure that will convert the design or image into a format that can read by the embroidery machine. Remember that, do this process with great care. So that the stitching is done precisely to achieve the best quality work.

There are certain steps that are very much important for developing the best quality embroidery file that will  read by the embroidery machine. Below are some of the steps you should know:

1- First you have to finalize the image or design that you want to place on the fabric or any item under consideration. The design or image can artwork, logo, or photograph.

2- In the next step, the image or design selected to convert into a digital file format that will readable by the embroidery machine. You can do it using specific software that converts the image into a format that is well-optimized for the embroidery.

3- After the conversion of the selected image or design into a digital file, a step of digitizing takes place. In this, the image is broken down into individual stitches, and the creation of a stitch file is done which can read by the embroidery machine. A competent digitizer carries out the entire work. Furthermore, to ensure the best quality work, he keeps different factors like thread type, fabric type, and stitch direction in mind.

4- Once the digitizing process is completed, testing is performed that will ensure the optimization of the file for the fabric and embroidery machine. The purpose of testing is to identify the issues, thread breakage along with uneven stitching that need fixing before the product is finalized.

5- Finally, once the testing is completed and all the essential adjustments are made, the final embroidery will produced. The embroidery machine will read the digital file that has all the instructions regarding the stitching.

Benefits Of Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Now, let’s have a look at some of the important benefits:


There is a lot of versatility in custom embroidery digitizing that should made using a wide range of products which include jackets, shirts, hats, bags, and many more. Due to its versatility, it is the best choice for sports teams, businesses, and individuals who want to go for personalized and unique products.


When it comes to durability and long-term use, embroidery is a better option in comparison to printing. Printing gets peeled off and fades away as well over time. Whereas embroidery is made using thread that will not fade or get damaged easily.

Marketing & Branding

Running a business or brand? In such cases, marketing/branding is essential to increase your brand awareness. So, custom embroidery digitizing is the best way for you to put your company-specific logo or design to make the products personalized and unique.

Selection of Company For Custom Embrodiery Digitizing

When you are about to hire a company for the service regarding embroidery digitizing, consider the following points:


Pick a company that uses advanced software and technology for the development of embroidery files. It is important for the digitizer to use the latest software for making the files compatible with all kinds of embroidery machines. In case of using outdated software, the quality of files will not up to the mark.


Hire a company that has good years of experience and a proven track record of offering the best services as the industry standards. Check their previous work on websites or social media pages before making a decision.


Price is one of the things that you cannot miss as well. Compare the prices of two or three companies before finalizing things. Note that some companies offer dual pricing models in which the customers can pay per stitch or a flat rate.

Customer Support

You should prefer working with a company that has good customer service. They should have a dedicated team who will be responding to your queries. Queries can technical or simple updates about the work. This will good for you to track the progress of the project.

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