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From Garden to Bouquet: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Best Florists in Dubai’s Design Process

People often use flowers to add color, texture, and life to any event. From weddings to birthdays, flowers have become a staple on many occasions. However, the process of designing and creating a beautiful floral arrangement takes a lot of work and creativity which is completely dependent on the best florists in Dubai. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a behind-the-scenes look at their floral design process.

Who is Black Petals?

Black Petals is a floral design company that specializes in creating unique and personalized arrangements for any event. They take pride in their ability to create beautiful floral designs that exceed their clients’ expectations. Their attention to detail, personalized approach, and high-quality flowers are what make them known.

More than just a floral design company, Black Petals offers a comprehensive range of services and dedicates itself to providing exceptional experiences for its clients. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or simple office arrangement, their team brings creativity, skill, and a passion for floral design to every project.

The Design Process

The first step in the design process for the best florists in Dubai is to understand the client’s vision. Their team takes the time to listen to their clients and understand their preferences, style, and budget. They also take into consideration the event’s theme, color scheme, and venue.

Once they have a clear understanding of the client’s vision, the team starts to create a mood board. The arrangement will use images of flowers, colors, and textures included in the mood board. The mood board helps the client visualize the final product and ensures that the team is on the same page with the client’s vision.

After the mood board is finalized, the team starts to source the flowers. Best Florists in Dubai only uses high-quality flowers that are fresh and in season. They work with local growers to ensure that their flowers are ethically sourced and sustainable.

The team also takes into consideration the different textures and shapes of the flowers. They carefully choose flowers that complement each other and create a cohesive design. Their team also pays attention to the vase or container that will hold the flowers. They choose a vase that complements the flowers and the overall design.

The Arrangement

Once the team sources the flowers and chooses the vase, they start to create the arrangement. The Black Petals’ team, highly skilled in floral design, takes great care to create a beautiful and personalized arrangement.

The process starts by preparing the flowers. They remove any thorns or leaves that might get in the way of the design. They also cut the stems at an angle to allow for better water absorption.

The team then starts to arrange the flowers. They place the focal flowers first, followed by the filler flowers and foliage. They carefully consider the placement of each flower to create a balanced and cohesive design.

Black Petals pay attention to the color scheme, texture, and shape of the flowers. The event planner considers the height and width of the arrangement to ensure that it is appropriate for the event and venue.

After the arrangement is complete, the team ensures that it’s properly hydrated and cared for. They add water and plant food to the vase to ensure that the flowers stay fresh throughout the event.

The Final Product

Once the arrangement is complete, Black Petals’ team adds finishing touches. They may add ribbon or other decorative elements to the vase or container. They also make sure that the arrangement is properly hydrated and will last for the event.

The final product is a beautiful and personalized floral arrangement that exceeds the client’s expectations. Black Petals’ team takes great pride in their work and strives to create unique and memorable arrangements for their clients.

Delivery and Set-Up

Black Petals’ team takes care of the delivery and set-up of the arrangement. They ensure that the flowers are transported safely and arrive in pristine condition. They also set up the arrangement in the appropriate location and display it to its fullest potential.


Creating a beautiful floral arrangement takes a lot of work and creativity. Their floral design process starts with understanding the client’s vision, creating a mood board, sourcing high-quality flowers, and carefully arranging them to create a personalized and cohesive design. The final product is a beautiful and memorable floral arrangement that exceeds the client’s expectations. They take great pride in their work and strive to create unique and personalized arrangements for any event.

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