Greece Schengen Visa Requirements For Indian Citizens

Greece is a diverse and captivating destination with plenty to offer to all travellers. With its stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, rich history and culture, there is something for everyone in Greece. Greek people have a zest for life, evident in their lively culture and love for celebration.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Greece has multiple options for recreation. Greece is a country in south eastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula, bordering the Mediterranean Sea in south and the Ionian Sea in west.The beautiful Greek Islands offer a range of outdoor activities, such as kite surfing, rock climbing, hiking, and diving.

If you’re from India and looking to experience the beauty of Greece, you can apply for a Greece visa and escape to these picturesque islands for a refreshing retreat. If you’re wondering how to keep track of your Greece visa application status from India, keep reading to find out!

Documents Requirement For Greece Visa

When applying for a short-term Greek Schengen visa, you must provide certain statutory documents to the Greek Embassy or consulate. The following are the necessary documents and information you need to submit:

  • Greek Visa Application Form: Fill out the application form completely, including all the necessary information, print it out, and sign it at the end. To avoid errors, refer to this guide on How to apply for the Schengen Visa.
  • Two Passport Photos: The photos must be identical and meet the Schengen visa regulations’ photo requirements for a Greek Schengen visa application.
  • Valid Passport: Ensure that your passport meets the passport criteria set by the Schengen states before applying for a short-stay visa to Greece. 
  • Copies of Previous Visas (if applicable): Provide copies of any previous visas you have received.
  • Round-Trip Flight Itinerary: Present a document that indicates you have a booked flight plan to enter and leave Greece. This document must include your name, surname, flight numbers, and dates.
  • Proof of Accommodation: You must provide proof of your accommodation in Greece, such as a hotel reservation. You can search and book hotels in Greece online.
  • Proof of Sufficient Financial Means: Provide evidence that you have enough amont of funds available in your account to cover all of your expenses during your stay in Greece. Travellers must have 50€ per day of their planned stay in Greece. Minors receive a 50% reduction in the regular amount.
  • Cover Letter: Write a personal letter explaining why you are applying for a Greece visa, how long you plan to stay, when you will leave, and other relevant details.
  • Travel Insurance: Your travel insurance for Schengen visa should cover medical evacuation/repatriation and have a minimum coverage of INR 23,60,966.
  • Proof of Civil Status: Provide a document such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or death certificate of a spouse or children to prove your civil status.

Visa Processing Time

Indian travellers can apply for Greece visas in 15 days, or 30 days in extraordinary cases. This is particularly true when additional documentation is necessary or further scrutiny of the application is required. In some specific cases, such as needing more documentation, the processing time may be extended to 60 calendar days.

Suppose you apply for a Greece visa at the Cochin/Sri Lanka and Puducherry Application Centre. If so, the Embassy’s standard processing period will be extended by two working days.

As a traveller, it’s important to note that a short-stay visa only permits you to travel to Greece and, typically, to other Schengen states. However, it does not guarantee automatic entry into the Schengen area. Border control or other checks may ask you about your stay, purpose, and means of support.
Provide the necessary information to avoid refusal to enter Greece or the Schengen area.

To guarantee a smooth border check operation and avoid delays, it’s recommended that you carry duplicates of the documentation you submitted when you applied for the visa. This may include letters of invitation, travel confirmations, and other documents that demonstrate the purpose of your stay.

Bottom line

Indian citizens who wish to travel to Greece must obtain a Schengen visa before their trip. Additionally, applicants may be required to attend a visa interview at the Greek embassy or consulate in their country. It is essential to familiarise oneself with the application process and requirements to ensure a smooth and successful visa application. 

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