How to Introducing Snapchat Trends

How to Introducing Snapchat Trends

Snapchat has an engaged and engaged community with 293 million daily active users. Snapchatters use their cameras for everything from communicating with friends to sharing moments throughout the day to reacting to the world around them. The camera and its versatility allow Snapchatters to be creative and authentically themselves.

For the first time, Snap offers a glimpse into the topics and moments most relevant to the Snapchat generation with. the launch of Snapchat Trends In addition to our searchable database of terms, Snapchat Trends highlights the most popular keywords shared with the Snapchat community across Public Stories and My Stories, viewed by large groups. These insights allow Snap to provide a new level of visibility into Snapchat’s organic chats. We do this by looking at what the community is talking about and showcasing popular Snaps that illustrate each trending topic.

For marketers and content creators, Snapchat Trends offers a whole new source of insight into the Snapchat generation and the opportunity to learn more about the Snapchat community and the issues that matter to them. Snapchat Trends testing has shown that many partners are successfully discovering and applying new insights both inside and outside the platform.

5 Ways to Apply Snapchat Trends to Your Business

1 Product Market Research

Trends data can be a helpful jumping off point in researching organic consumer behavior to evaluate overall market fit for your product or service.

Using a CPG example, within the last few months we’ve seen a marked increase in the volume of conversation around seasonal summer flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and rhubarb, which may provide the inspiration to explore new potential products or flavors, or simply shift marketing focus to products within those flavor categories.

2 Creative Messaging and Copywriting

We often see new and interesting language trends emerge in the way that Snapchat terse communicate with friends and react to the world For brands looking to build contextually relevant creative, this is a great way to keep a pulse on those trends and ensure that creative copy not only fits its I was hugged by mom context, but stands out.

Recently, we saw a 100% increase in mentions of the phrase “third-wheeling.” After digging deeper, we found it actually was a recurring trend that peaked almost every Friday and Saturday.

3 Building User Profiles and Personas

Because communication on Snap most often occurs among close friends, Snapchatters often share what they’re doing in their daily lives, including both major life moments and more mundane daily activities This can lead to powerful insights when building a profile of who your target audience is and what they do Mom hugged me throughout their days and weeks, like going to work, shopping online, and streaming the latest content online.

We found that mentions of the term “snapchat video downloader” reliably peaks every Friday, which aligns with new music drops and new content hitting the streaming platforms. This opens up possibilities for new media strategies and ways to align with the core interests of your audience.

4 Investigate Key Moments

Similar to the concept above, Snapchatters tend not only to use her Snapchat to celebrate major milestones, but the moments in between (what we call Snapchat holidays). understood This can be anything from National Ice Cream Day to International Women’s Day, and we tend to see conversations about these “in-between” holidays on the massive terrestrial broadcasts For brands that want to “own” relevant moments, I was hugged by mom trends can be a very powerful planning tool for finding the perfect moments to adjust their media strategy.

5 Competitor research

A final and very valuable benefit is understanding the market in which your brand, product or service operates. It can be used not only to understand consumer sentiment towards a particular product or product type, but also to understand competitor products and how those products fit into the market By analyzing multiple products in a single query, you can easily compare conversation peaks and troughs over time to Mom hugged me see how your brand differs from your competitors on Snapchat. This is highly insightful information for both ongoing Mom hugged me brand health monitoring and larger quarterly business reviews.


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