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Smart cities are those in which data is collected, and the findings are used to ensure the smooth operation of the urban area. Smart cities are more sustainable and secure since everyone is up to date on the latest news and events. Individuals are more proactive and are promptly aware of any issue, and they have safety instructions to follow Outdoor Smd Screen.

What are the benefits of Outdoor LED Walls for the Government and Smart Cities?

Modernizing and improving the overall metropolitan infrastructure. Sending an urgent or emergency message to a varied nation like Pakistan with a large population is difficult. Outdoor LED video Walls installed in various spots throughout the city can act as information-sharing platforms. The screens will display content that can be managed by a central signs system.

These displays can be used by businesses and companies to promote their products and services. This could hasten the country’s progress.

It can be time-consuming and tedious to search the parking lots of malls, train stations, and government complexes for a suitable location to park your vehicle. What if there is an information display in front of the parking lot that shows the vacant space, and you follow the directions to get there?

If a fire or other emergency occurs, these displays will assist you in determining the way to a safe spot. It will also show other agricultural advice and strategies for keeping the environment healthy and safe.

It is a viable advertising medium due to the integration of software solutions. This enables advertisers and brands to effectively promote their services or products. It is feasible to discover the best time to reach out to larger portions of your target audience and engage them with fresh and interesting content. This also helps the city’s image.

What role might LED-lit walls in smart cities play in combating the Covid19 pandemic?

We know that Covid19 is one of the most common human disorders. Sadly, while the vaccine is still in development, the only way to delay or stop the spread of the disease, according to healthcare experts, is to be protected, educated, and cleansed.

To prevent social isolation, more non-contact interactions, and solutions are likely to be encouraged. As a result, traditional techniques of raising awareness, such as pamphlets and posters, newspapers, and others, will no longer be used in the future. Instead, the LED Walls strategically positioned around the smart city will function as a public information tool. The vibrant visuals will draw more attention to the display, potentially informing and raising public awareness.

Many displays throughout the city will offer safety precautions, news updates, and live feeds, which can provide good indicators for viewers to battle this terrible disease Outdoor Smd Screen by utilizing a central solution.

What is the purpose of LED Video Wall Displays?

Energy-efficient and low-cost

You probably believe that all of this effort will cost you a lot of money to consider. These displays contain more energy than ordinary outdoor screens due to continuous growth and advancement with the Earth Series.

Lower power consumption means lower electricity expenses, making this display cost-effective and yielding a good ROI. Furthermore, it may be used in a variety of app areas with a wide range of applications, such as Digital Hoarding Outdoor scoreboards, LED wall, or real-time information displays in airports and stations.

Superb Luminosity

The display’s brightness makes the content viewable even in bright sunlight. Its DIP and SMD technologies employ non-reflective LEDs to help maintain the brightness of the panel. Also, its brightness screen can be changed to ensure clear and precise eyesight at all times of day and night.

Design of a Strong Display

The display’s tough construction, which is protected by IP65 on both the front and back, makes it appropriate for any adverse environmental conditions. These can be used all year round, regardless of the weather.

Low upkeep and increased longevity

The LED video Wall installation is straightforward. Most video walls can be repaired on both the front and rear sides of the cabinet. This simple access allows you to repair even a single broken pixel. How effectively your display is maintained will have an effect on the life of your collection. Even after being used continually 24 hours a day for an entire year, the display can have a lengthy lifespan. It is BIS certified and has a long warranty.

Sensor Technology Integration

A range of sensors has been attached to the display, providing a variety of sophisticated applications to make city living easier. It can, for example, display real-time temperature, weather, or any other essential environmental information. The displays can be installed on busy highways and roads. They can supply you with real-time traffic updates, accidents, and alternate routes and directions in an emergency.

What are the most critical factors to consider when selecting an LCD video wall?

Viewing Distance:

The first consideration when selecting an Outdoor LED Video Wall is the distance visitors will see these screens. The required pitch of the pixel must be calculated in this context. It is the difference between two pixels that are adjacent to one another. As a result, it is directly related to the viewing distance, which implies that the greater the viewing distance, the higher the pixel pitch used, and vice versa. Xtreme Media offers a variety of pixel pitches, ranging from P6 to P6.

Simple upkeep:

As indicated in the previous pointer, an LED video wall is a single investment, so when you install it, you must ensure that maintenance and repairs, even for a single pixel, are straightforward. It is easily accessible from both the back and front sides of the cabinet, making administration simple.

A Sturdy Solution

You should be certain that the design and technology employed in this LED Video Wall are robust enough to withstand even the most extreme situations.

What are the technical specifications of an outdoor LED video wall?

DIP (Dual In-Line Packaging) Technology

DIP technology has been the most widely employed in outdoor video walls since its inception in the 1960s. The three LEDs are individually coupled and emit green, red, blue, or red light.

SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) Technology:

SMD technology allows for greater-resolution displays. Green, red, and blue LEDs are encapsulated and placed directly on PCB boards. As a result, they take up less space and maybe put together. It also has a lower resolution and pixel pitch in general.

What other intelligent city solutions do we provide?

Display of Digital Unipoles

LED Unipole displays are outdoor LED wall displays with exceptional brightness and durability.

Kiosk for Smart Cities

Self-service kiosks can be installed in numerous locations throughout the city. When necessary, it offers the user various information and suggestions. The brightness of around 2000 nits, as well as the durability and resilience to various harmful fields, make it a perfect product for outdoor areas such as bus stations, railway station stops, highways, airports, and many more.

Outdoor Displays & Projects

SMD Screen has a series of outdoor LED Video Walls with more pixels pitched for different applications. We design cutting-edge video walls with integrated video wall systems. Here are a few examples of our high-quality and efficient Outdoor Video Wall project installations:

One should be sold.

Level One is a premier OOH Agency in North East Pakistan, and it was the first to develop an administratively managed hoarding network in Kolkata to promote its services. The pixel pitch on the outdoor LED screens is 10mm. Xtreme Media supplied a complete 360-degree turnkey solution, including the LED Display Screen, Digital Signage software installation, and support services.

The Mumbai Stock Exchange

Another turnkey solution for the Bombay Stock Exchange employs an LED display and Digital Signage technology. By offering real-time information and announcements, the solution will improve branding and attract customers. For various purposes, multiple screens have been set up. For more information, read this example case study.

Guwahati’s Barsapara Stadium

Read our report to learn more about the challenges we faced and the solutions we devised.

Many more successful turnkey outdoor video wall solutions are in use throughout Pakistan.

So you are now aware of the numerous benefits and advantages of using an outdoor LED Video Wall to change a mundane city into a smart one. These screens are perfect for displaying information to a large number of people at the same time and can endure inclement weather. Because of its extended life and minimal maintenance, it is a one-time investment and an affordable solution. With the current situation, the construction of these displays in numerous city centers can help the government keep everyone up to speed and informed with timely updates. To counteract this outbreak, it is critical to remain indoors and practice good hygiene. Stick to the rules, avoid social engagement in the area, and be safe.

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