Using Diigo to Elevate Research for Dissertation Writing

Introduction to Diigo:

If you want to be a good researcher, you will definitely need to browse much on the web to find academic articles related to your field of research. Dissertation writing requires a researcher to include relevant citations in his papers and correctly reference them in the bibliography. What if you fail to save the references for your citations? Your marks will be deducted, and you won’t be able to achieve the grades you want.

But we have a solution to your problem, and the name of that solution is “Diigo”. Also termed a Research Browser, Diigo helps the researchers by saving the references on the web online. Often, you are reading an article and want to quote a few lines in your dissertation; Diigo is especially beneficial when you need help across such projects. It lets you highlight the desired quotes, add notes to them, and save the web pages to the library.

Features that Make Diigo Unique for Users:

Diigo is a cloud-based tool that provides bookmarking services to users. As a researcher, you can collect bookmarks from several websites and store them in the account to access them later. Dissertation writing becomes comparatively easier when you are using this bookmarking service. Here are some of the features that make Diigo a unique app for researchers:

1. Access Your Bookmarks from Anywhere:

Since Diigo is a cloud-based service, you can access your saved bookmarks from any device, from anywhere in the world. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a device to use Diigo. You can even add an extension of this tool to your browser.

2. Sticky Notes:

If you want to save a citation for using it later, you can add notes to it using the Sticky Notes feature in Diigo. Such notes are beneficial when you want to add context to the highlighted part. These notes prove helpful during the dissertation writing process, as you quickly get the relevant information.

3. Sharing the Webpages:

With Diigo, it is possible to share the webpages with your friends or team using email or social media accounts. The web pages that have highlighted parts can be easily shared by using this tool. It makes it easy for the researchers to share the relevant media with the fellows if they are working on a shared research project.

4. Highlighting the Quotes:

When performing research for your dissertation, you may come across important passages in articles relevant to your work. Diigo lets you highlight such quotes, and you can add notes with the highlighted sentences for reference. You can later add these saved quotes to the library where you keep all your sources.

The Crucial Role of Effective Research in Dissertation Writing

Effective research plays a crucial role in the dissertation writing process. You cannot pen down an impressive dissertation when you do not have enough arguments and well-crafted evidence to be reproduced in your dissertation. It takes months for the researchers to complete the research process for the dissertation. If a student does not spend enough time researching his topic, he will end up with a poorly written dissertation, which adds nothing to a person’s academic record. Diigo helps a researcher organise the relevant papers and add value to his dissertation.

Practical Ways To Use Diigo For Improved Research In Dissertation Writing

Diigo has revolutionised the way researchers save references and citations for later use. It is an all-in-one package and a one-stop solution for students. You can use Diigo to improve your dissertation research in the following ways:

1. Online Bookmarks

As we have discussed already, Diigo allows you to highlight the important references for your dissertation and save them online as bookmarks. These bookmarks can then be accessed from any device later, as Diigo is a cloud-based service.

2. Tags Feature

Another amazing feature of Diigo is that it enables researchers to add keywords to the bookmarks. Suppose you are working on finding good academic help services in the UK and you have come across several websites; you can classify them by adding keywords, such as cheap essay writing service, professional academic service and more.

3. Sharing the Bookmarks

One of the top benefits of using Diigo is that you can share your bookmarks with others. It also lets you make new groups and join the existing ones. Communication and collaboration have become easier due to Diigo.

4. Read Later

Using the Read Later feature of Diigo, you can save helpful resources for reading later. When you mark such resources, you save them to your library and can access them anytime later in the future.

5. The facility to Annotate

Did you know that Diigo lets you highlight, annotate the quotes, and save the notes as screenshots? Such features make it a unique app for researchers. It also enables you to share the URLs of your sources with others.

Testimonials of Students Who Have Benefited from Diigo

Among hundreds of reviews that tell us about the effectiveness of Diigo in the dissertation writing and research process, we have picked a testimonial to guide you more on the effectiveness of this application. Sam Hopkins from LSE had the following remarks about using Diigo:

“Diigo is my favourite bookmarking application that I mainly used for managing my references during the dissertation writing process. Apart from being an excellent reference managing tool, it is a tremendous research tool that lets me connect with the research community. My dissertation research had become much easy for me, and the credit goes to Diigo.”


As evident from the discussion above, we are clear on how Diigo can prove an excellent and beneficial tool for researchers during the dissertation writing process. If you have not used Diigo before, it is your sign to switch to this app and say goodbye to your research worries. Apart from dissertation help, if you are looking for a cheap essay writing service in the UK, look no further than The Academic Papers UK. This academic writing service provides students with excellent academic help at cheap rates. There’s no way that you will be disappointed with their services.

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