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WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, offering some significant advantages if you want to become a WordPress developer. WordPress developers are now in great demand and are well compensated due to their scarcity. In this post, I’ll show you 10 methods to become a WordPress developer and make decent money. Let’s get this party started!

Our skilled instructors teach the skills and serve as mentors in the pupils’ overall career development. We ensure that learners gain the most skills and knowledge and that this course meets their expectations. Considering the comfort of our fellow citizens and Aside from the cities indicated above, this course is easily accessible online, implying that BITS Institute also provides online web full-stack web development courses in Pakistan.

WordPress Introduction

WordPress is one of the most popular systems for creating websites and blogging. It includes an easy-to-use interface and many themes, making it an appealing alternative for beginning website producers. WordPress may be learned in as little as three hours by following these easy tutorials due to its ease of use.

Section 1: Set Up Your Workstation and Resources for Learning

You must have the proper equipment. First, you must install the most recent version of WordPress and the most recent version of PHP. The second thing you’ll need is the MySQL database, which contains all of your blog’s data.

You’ll also need FTP access to upload files through your online browser and download them for offline editing on your local computer. The following step is where most folks need to correct appropriately setting PHP.

Section 2: Determine Your Learning Objectives

What you want to learn is the most crucial question you should ask yourself. Do you desire the freedom of coding without creating a site’s design?

Or would you rather master just enough development abilities to make your site appear professional and polished? This post will help you get started if you wish to build more.

Section 3: Master the Fundamentals

Spend some time working through the tutorials. WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, important web development languages to know. Learn about Codex, WordPress’s guide to everything, including programming, design, and more.

Set up your site locally to learn how WordPress works. This is advantageous since you can check what looks and does not before releasing your work online.

Section 4: Search for Freelance Jobs on Sites Like Upwork

Many WordPress freelancers use Upwork, which is known as one of the best job marketplaces for such specialists. Over 6 million job advertisements and 17 million freelancers are available on the site.

You may search for postings based on category and location. If you’re freelancing, start with lesser work before pursuing higher-paying chances.

Section 5: Locate Free Online Tutorials

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of lessons available on the internet, but just surfing around is one of the easiest methods to acquire new skills.

So many free materials are available that you can start there! Code Academy, Treehouse, Word Camp, and Design Shack are all excellent options.

Section 6: Attend WordPress Platform Experts/Developers’ Online Meetups and Webinars

Attending WordPress platform seminars and Meetups is vital for anybody working with the platform to stay current on new trends and improvements.

Furthermore, these sessions are often extremely low cost or even free, making them an excellent chance for people who may need more money from larger corporations.

Section 7: Sign up for WordPress newsletters.

Newsletters are an excellent method to keep up with the newest and best in the WordPress world.

This will assist you in being informed of changes that may affect your job or website. I recommend Beginner’s WordPress Development and Customization, Web Chutney’s Weekly Ripples, and the Yoast newsletter.

Section 8: Leave Comments on Other People’s Blog Posts

Any industry must band together and help one another. It will be up to developers like you to bring WordPress mainstream.

Let’s gather as a community and engage in an open discussion about web development Courses. Comment on what you believe deserves more emphasis or different recommendations for beginner players.

Section 9: Participate in the WordPress Community via Forums and Facebook Groups.

Participate in the community, both on social media and in person. The more you interact with other WordPress developers, the more ideas you’ll receive from conversations, the possible clients you’ll meet at WordCamps or Meetups, and the information gained from other people’s years of experience you’ll get. Participate in online forums and Facebook groups.


WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering about one-third of all websites on the internet and other high-traffic sites. As a result, learning WordPress development is a very valuable talent. If you want to become a WordPress developer, here are ten steps to start!

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