What is a NangStuff Nang Canister?

The nang canister is a popular kitchen tool. It’s easy to use and helps whip cream with minimal effort.

N2O, or nitrous oxide, is the gas inside these canisters. When mixed with cream, it’s a great way to make fluffy and long-lasting whipped cream.

However, nang canisters are becoming a problem. Doctors say they should be banned because young people are using them as recreational drugs to get a cheap high.


Nitrous oxide (N2O) is a colourless gas that is inhaled through a mask to sedate or relax you during minor medical procedures and dental surgery. It can also be used to numb the pain of childbirth, and is sometimes combined with other anaesthetic gases to help people withdraw from alcohol.

Unlike other narcotics, nangs are not a dangerous drug, and can be safely used in the home. But they do require careful use, and they can cause cold burns if not used correctly.

A nang canister contains N2O, or nitrous oxide. This gas is also used in medical settings, as a propellant for making whipped cream and in the automotive industry to improve engine performance.

It has also been used to numb the pain of childbirth and is a common substance in the medicine cabinet. In Australia, nang canisters are sold at corner stores and supermarkets for about $10 for a box of ten.

Nang canisters

The convenience of nang canisters is that they are small, easy to transport and they come with a lid that seals it closed. They can be stored in the fridge and dispensed in seconds whenever you need them.

However, the ease of their availability has prompted doctors to call for them to be banned because they are being misused by children as a cheap way to get high. It is believed that many children are obtaining them through online shopping sites, which are advertised as being able to deliver them anywhere in the country.

Doctors say that the problem is most likely to be among international students who do not have parental supervision and who have access to a disposable income. They are also a target for retailers who sell nangs through services such as WeChat.

While nang canisters are readily available in corner stores, there is a growing number of websites that advertise 24/7 weekend delivery. One of them even says it is “for all your baking needs”.

In some parts of the world, nang canisters are prohibited and dealers have been fined up to $12,000. But this does not stop people from purchasing them and using them in the way they want to.


Nangs are a slang term for a capsule-sized cylinder filled with highly pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O). They’re also called NOS, whippets, or whip-its.

Often seen at festivals, these nifty little canisters are used to inhale the gas, which makes you feel extremely giddy and lightheaded. It can also cause dizziness, and sometimes even dissociation, so it’s best to be in a group when using these devices, or at least with someone who can help you use them safely.

Many people prefer to inhale the n2o from a balloon than directly from a nang canister, which is a good thing because it will be much easier on your lungs. Getting the most out of the n2o in a balloon will mean repeatedly breathing the gas in and out to maximise its effects.

While it’s a lot of fun, nangs can be dangerous if misused. Several deaths in Australia have been linked to their use, and it’s important to remember that the effects of this drug are only temporary.

If you’re planning on inhaling nangs, make sure to store them properly to avoid exploding, and always use a nang cracker. The cracker has a screw top with a pin inside, which pierces the seal of the nang canister when tightened.

It’s also a good idea to take B12 vitamins after using nangs, as the n2o depletes the body of this vital vitamin.

While it’s not the safest drug on the market, nangs are a fun and relatively inexpensive way to have a good time with friends. And, as long as you don’t go overboard, they can be a great way to have a fun night on the town.



It takes a lot of steel to produce a small canister that can safely hold nitrous oxide (N2O), or the laughing gas that’s used to make whipped cream fluffy. That’s why nang canisters are usually made from 3mm thick galvanised steel.

It can take about 200 years for steel to decompose, which means a lot of it ends up in landfills where it can cause problems for people and animals. It’s also a significant source of greenhouse gases, thanks to the smelting process that produces it.

The good news is that most nang canisters are completely recyclable, as long as they’re empty! If you’re not sure how to do this, contact your local council and they can point you in the right direction.

If you’re a member of your local recycling scheme, you can drop the nangs in there to be recycled alongside your plastic bottles, cans and paper. This is a great way to help the environment while saving yourself a little money!

According to Green Chief Recycling, who are based in New South Wales, they collect an average of 500kg to a tonne of nang canisters from festivals across the country. It’s a small fraction of the total amount of steel produced every year but still enough to have an impact.

Although a nang canister isn’t exactly the world’s best recycle, it’s a nifty little device that does its part to make your life easier. It’s also a fun and safe way to spend your time. It’s also probably one of the most popular things to happen at a music festival. But do you really want to be a part of it?


Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, has long been used in medicine and dentistry. It is a colourless gas that can be inhaled through a mask and is a popular form of anaesthetic for dental procedures. But it’s increasingly being misused as a recreational drug.

Nangs, also known as nozzies, bulbs and whippets, are small canisters of nitrous oxide that can be inhaled for a 20-30 second high. These canisters have been linked to two deaths and hundreds of hospitalisations, but they are still widely available for purchase.

Using nangs can be fun and exciting, but it comes with some risks. They can lead to sudden sniffing death syndrome, fainting and other health problems. They also can deplete B12 vitamins, which are necessary for a healthy immune system.

People use nangs for a variety of reasons, including to feel relaxed and euphoric. They can be bought in boxes of 10 for $10 at corner stores or online, and there are a number of delivery services that offer nangs around the clock.


Many people who take nangs experience a feeling of lightheadedness and a general euphoria for 20 seconds or so, and the effects can last for up to an hour. They can even cause people to laugh hysterically.

Doctors have warned that children are becoming addicted to nangs because they are easy to access, cheap and can be found at almost any corner store. They say the demand for nangs is rising, especially among international students.

According to Dr Betty Chan, head of clinical toxicology at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, nangs are a cheap and accessible recreational drug that can lead to serious harm. She says people who use nangs often feel a sense of social pressure to do so, and are likely to be under the influence of other drugs or alcohol at the same time.

There have been numerous reports of teenagers and young adults binging on nangs, and doctors are warning that their use could be harmful to them and the environment. They estimate that 500kg of nangs are discarded from festivals and events each year, with the majority ending up in landfill.

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